Music has been my thing from forever ago. I think somehow I have a thing for identifying good music. I may be wrong, what do I know.

Despite my love for music I am biased towards Nigerian sounds. While I embrace tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, I largely ignore anything after Blacky. That being said I appreciate current Nigerian music for their beats cant say much for the lyrics. So when I first heard this beat on kidathegreat’s video on instagram i was like nice one.

Luckily the post had information about the track and it was Akube by Nigerian artist Dotman. I quickly downloaded the full track. Still did not like the lyrics except for the first part about schooling abroad which reminded me of folks who spend all that money abroad and come hustle for jobs with us that never left.

Akube is a danceable track. Download here , listen here and watch the video below or here

kidathegreat is a cool kid dancing and has definitely given Dotman a boost. Check  out kidathegreat on instagram . Share what you think about kidathegreat and Dotman.