Opportunity Tuesday!!!!

Having a routine that involves seating at a desk fro 12 hours  can be very tiring. Yes I said 12 hours, No I am not working the grave yard shift. The story of my working hours is a story for another day.

So I set out to find opportunities online that would take me further to my life goals. Here are a few sites with  scholarship, grant, conference, and training opportunities I found useful. Do apply you never can tell which will be successful.

  1. Scholarship for Africans provides information  for scholarship opportunities:  scholarshipforafricans.com
  2. Opportunity Desk is an online platform that  shares information on relevant learning and growth opportunities for youths around the world. opportunity desk.org
  3. Advance Africa enables thousands of students in developing countries get scholarships and further their education.They also enable hundreds of volunteers to work in communities in Africa providing desperately needed services such as helping in hospitals or teaching.advanceafrica.com
  4. International Opportunity provides information on scholarships, free and low tuition universities internationalopportunity.org/
  5. Youth Hub Africa is an online platform dedicated to a new generation of African Thinkers, Leaders and Innovators.youthhubafrica.org

Women Deliver 2016 #WDLive #WD2016

Yeah!!!! Nothing excites me more than seeing people from around the world gather to discuss issues affecting women and young girls. The 4th Women Deliver Global Conference which holds from the 16th-19th May 2016, is the world’s largest global conference on the health, rights, and well-being of girls and women.

The focus of the 2016 conference will be on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so they matter most for girls and women, with a specific focus on health – in particular maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights – and on gender equality, education, environment, and economic empowerment.

For those of us, like me who are unable to be in Copenhagen, Denmark where the event is being held, you can watch it online http://wd2016.org/media-resources/virtual-conference/  or visit http://wd2016.org/ and click on virtual content. Join the conversation on twitter @WomenDeliver.

How do conferences such as Women Deliver 2016 help young women?What do you think about the conference? Drop a comment, lets discuss.