The African Child


The African Child a young boy with a butterfly. I was describing the book not the African Child. The African Child is a book by Camara Laye I read growing up.


I stumbled on this book during one of my many holidays in Delta State South-South Nigeria.  Anyway I did not have to dig up the box that contained nearly all the books my aunts and uncles read, this one happened to just be lying around.

I remember the words were tiny so it was kind of a long book for me. Then there was the name “Fanta” how can Fanta be a name? I had heard the name Fanta in one of Alpha Blondy’s Songs “Fanta Diallo” Our Ghanaian cook played on when we were getting ready for school. The only Fanta I knew was the soft drink.

The African Child is loosely based on Camara Laye’s childhood in Guinea and was originally written in french and titled L’Enfant Noir.

The African Child is much more than media displays, we are full of our rich culture and Camara Laye captures this quite correctly.

What book captures your culture?